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Using Design Thinking As A Leader – good steps, info graphics (below) and questions to consider / ask staff

Michelin restaurants and fabulous wines: Inside the secret team dinners that have built the Spurs’ dynasty

Charts and Graphs – Choosing the Right Visual For Your Data (pdf version here)

The 32 Best Employee Engagement Questions With the Highest Response Rates

The Invisible Child

Interview Questions For Administrators – 8 Characteristics of the #InnovatorsMindset

Three Ways to Help your Stressed-Out Teenager

Design Thinking Graphics from Using Design Thinking As A Leader

IDEO design thinking graphic
Stanford D School info graphic
University Design Thinking Model

From Zoning In On Change

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A list of posts that had me thinking…

Tap Into Your Full Potential

6 Things Every High School Senior Should Have Access To Before Graduation

Always On

Your Leadership Weakness Is Being “Too Controlling.” What To Do?

Leading Through Complexity Requires A Different Approach

A Must Read List for Growing Leaders

9 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life In 9 Short Days

Flip The Script: Student-Designed Units

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Some reflection, some laughing and some where do I go next thoughts after reading these ones.

The Value of Conflicting Advice: How Great Leaders Think

Busy Is Not The Point

Choose Your Own Adventure Stories with Google Forms

7 Things To Do When Responding When Responding To Your Child’s Academic Failure

Why the Semi-Nomadic Himba Are So Good At Thinking Outside the Box

Don’t Dump the Baby with the Bathwater: Why Knowledge is Important in Developing Competencies

Mr. Roger’s Had A Simple Set of Rules for Talking to Children

How Mental Models Unlock Your Thinking

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A few articles and posts that had me thinking…

3 Questions To Help Leverage Barriers in Education

Principles of Leadership From Mother Teresa (#1 Dream it simple, say it strong plus 7 more)

The Surprising Power of the Long Game

Video Writing Prompts – 20 different video prompts by John Spencer

The Top 20 Ways To Say What You Really Think

The Best Networking Advice I Have Seen Yet – 7 questions at the end may be good for a group exercise with staff to build team

Throw Out Your Office Referral, Circle Up Instead

Don’t Solve the Problem – has a list of 16 questions for team members

A Minute on the Internet 2019

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A list of posts that had me thinking…

3 Step Conversation Starter For Dynamic Teams

Lessons In Leadership To Last A Lifetime

Movement and Breathing Breaks Help Students Stay Focused On Learning – within article is link to the Edutopia Video Series – How Learning Happens

How To Run Successful Lunch and Learn Events – how could I use this in a school setting with staff (pdf version of article)

12 Leadership Fundamentals

Ten Picture Book Biographies You Can’t Experience In A Textbook

4 Ideas To Help Improve Teacher Well-Being

10 Talent Tips From Google HR

The Fundamental’s of Tomorrow’s Leadership, The Basics With A Twist

Don’t Hesitate To Do These 8 Hard Things For Your Mental Health

Flipped Classroom 101: Challenges, Benefits and Design Tips

The Hyperdocs Toolbox: 14 Engaging Example Activities

Top 10 Books Middle Schoolers Love (as decided by Middle Schoolers)

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A few different articles I wanted to make note of from the past week:

In High School, The Kids Are Not Alright – 5 strategies to support students mental well-being – can be used at other grade levels

Using The Single-Point Rubric For Better Assessment Conversations – example of single point rubric included

Social Design For Modern Leaders – from the post “Social design is the design of relationships; the creation of new social conditions intended to increase agency, creativity, equity, social justice, resilience, and connection to nature.”

7 Boring Things Successful Leaders To That Failing Leaders Neglect

The following 3 articles I noted in a GETCA conference session I recently attended called “Motivation Leads To Innovation – The Audacity to Get Up” by Michael Bonner (@michaelbonner_) – lots of great info, frameworks to think about and energy in this one; these were just a couple of the articles:

  1. Why Teachers Must Fight Their Own Implicit Biases
  2. When Teachers Punish Black Kids More Severly Than White Kids
  3. How To Check Your Unconscious Biases

Digital Minimalism For Parents – some of my favourite books are from this author – check out Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success In a Distracted World and So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion In The Quest for Work You Love

3 Simple Rituals That Will Make You A Fantastic Parent – also good for educators to think about these – based on the work by Ross Greene who wrote The Explosive Child