Our Starting Point

Langley Fine Arts School is a grade 1-12 school of choice in the Langley School District.  We offer fine arts “majors” in dance, drama, music, photography, visual art and writing. At this time each year we welcome new students to our school. For grades 9-12 students, our fine arts majors require a two-step intake process, an intake interview with a vice principal or counsellor and an audition or portfolio review.  While this process can cause some anxiety for incoming students, what I always find inspiring is the look of joy on each student’s face when we offer them a place in our school.

Each student has chosen our school to study the art they love during the school day.  They immerse themselves not only in developing their skills and techniques but the theories, history, and evolution of their art.  They learn to be reflective of their art and their creative process.  Students also provide feedback on each other’s work.  The fantastic thing about this whole process is the kids love to be at our school.

I believe engagement and passion are two words that are critical in creating learning environments that allow all students to achieve success.  One of my roles as a vice principal is to collaborate with staff and students on how to best model and support engagement and passion in my school. We are lucky at LFAS that we know what our high school students are passionate about based on their fine arts major choice.  We have a great starting point.  The challenge for all of us, how do we link the passion the students have in one area to all areas of their learning?

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