What was my goal?

New district, new school, new students and staff , new courses to teach and throw in some new personal goals with respect to integrating technology and 21st century learning and it has been a busy start to the school year.

This year I have a goal to integrate technology into my courses and have students develop skills in collaboration, problem solving and critical thinking.  This year, one of the courses that I am teaching is student leadership.  I thought to myself what a great group of students to help me reach my goals of integrating technology.

Today was my first attempt at introducing this idea to my class and I must say it didn’t go over all that well.  I introduced the idea of using Google Docs as a tool to help us collaborate and share ideas while we plan events for the school.  I was very excited to talk about using these tools, had grandiose plans of how it could all fit together and thought – this is going to be great.  I discussed the idea and it wasn’t as well received as I thought it would be – maybe it was my presentation but on my drive home today I thought about the class, what didn’t go well and what could I do to make it better.  I asked myself “what is the goal of using google docs?”

The answer I came up with was something that I totally overlooked.  I thought about some of the ideas that I had read on the Ed Tech blog by Tom Barrett .  My goal is that I want my students to be able to communicate, collaborate and solve problems as a group.  Is the tool I use to teach and practice this skill important or is it the development of the skill that is important?

For me it will be focus on the skill first, integration of technology second.

Back to planning and trying to figure out how to take baby steps.

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