The other day I went to a new dentist expecting the regular first-time patient exam, check up and cleaning.  The dentist office wasn’t too fancy and seemed to have all the necessary equipment to meet its patients’ needs.  What was quite different about this dentist office was the greeting I received.  When I checked in at the reception desk, the receptionist stood up, said “Hi”, introduced herself and shook my hand.  The hygienist came out to meet me and introduced herself in the same manner.  The dentist, also introduced himself in the same manner.  I was very impressed by the welcoming feeling the team created – it was one that I have never experienced in any medical office.

Last week, district management, principals and vice principals in my district went to a day long session with Wayne Hulley (@waynehulley).  The presentation focussed on team and trust building and being a leader.  During part of the presentation Wayne asked “What are you going to do on the first day of school, that you haven’t done in the past?  What are you going to do for your WOW day?”  Although many of your staff may be returning and already know you, the first day of school is your chance to make a positive “first” impression for the year.

My visit to the dentist office was definitely a wow-experience.  I hope I can create that wow-experience on the first day of school.  What are you doing to do to create your WOW day?

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