From Out There Somewhere

I have been trying figure out a way to share the websites, blogs and links from twitter that I enjoy reading with the staff at my school.  One of the things I enjoy when reading George Couros’ blog, The Principal of Change ( ), is his “You Should Read” posts.  I have stolen George’s idea and come up with my “From Out There Somewhere” list to use as a vehicle to share with my staff.  My first two lists were done by email but I now think I will try and move my list to this blog.  Below are my lists from September 10th and September 18th.

September 10

Below are a few links from websites or blogs that I have found in the last little while.  Some of the links are educational based (theory or resources) and some links may be more for debate/fun.  I will try and send “from out there somewhere” on a regular basis – hopefully you can find a good nugget to use now and then.  If you want to talk about or need support in trying out one of the ideas you like let me know and  I would be more than happy to help out.

1. Top 10 Sites for Connected Educators – from Fractus Learning

10 sites with a short description – if you want to check out the site, just click on its name

2. From Management to Engagement – from Edutopia

This blog posts discusses 3 of Daniel Pink’s ideas (author of Drive) Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose and how they can relate to student engagement.

3. Thirteen Thoughts on Student Blogging – by John Spencer, Education Rethink Blog

This post offers some reasons why and suggestions for using student blogs.  The author has been having his students blog for the past 7 years.

4. The age old debate – from the 12 – a site for lists of 12

12 Most Obvious Reasons Women are Smarter than Men –

12 Most Manly Reasons Men are Smarter than Women –

From Sept 18

1. Embracing Introversion: Ways to Stimulate Reserved Students in the Classroom – from Edutopia

The difference between being and introvert and being shy and some thoughts on strategies to support these students.

2. Turning your classroom into 21st Century Learning Spaces – from The 21st Century Principal blog

Talks more about the organization of room versus the equipment needed.

3. Lesson Plans and Resources for Arts Integration  – from Edutopia

Provides resources on a variety of ways to use art to teach different subjects.  There are further sites to use in the Useful Websites in Arts Integration section – as an example the Kennedy Centre ArtsEdge Lesson plan site has a searchable data base

4. Caine’s Arcade (video)

About a boy creates his own arcade from cardboard and other materials and a community that surprised him one day.

5. Seriously Awesome Kids (video)

Just to watch kids being great.

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