Our Inquiry Path

In June of last school year, we met as a staff to discuss areas of concerns that we had – the list was quite varied.  This list of topics led us to the question of how do we want to tackle these topics?  We talked about a variety of models to help us create a framework to help us move forward as staff.

This September, our Pro-D Committee met to move this conversation along and develop our agenda for our first pro-d day.  The discussion was rich with ideas and the enthusiasm to let all staff learn in an area that they were passionate about was very evident.  Using information from the Networks of Inquiry and Innovation, we agreed to use an Inquiry Model as our framework.  Cross-curricular inquiry groups will be formed and staff will work on a topic that most interests them.

Our pro-d day discussions revolved around creating a culture of caring for our students and staff – what does that look like?  feel like? sound like?  Some other questions that came forward:

  • How can instructional strategies create a culture of caring for our students?
  • Do our assessment practices create a culture of care?
  • How do we increase student engagement?
  • How do we develop a student’s sense of caring about their learning?

From today’s department head meeting:

  • How do we better engage the boys in our school?
  • What are the factors that are making our successful boys successful?
  • How do we make being successful “cool” for boys?

The start of this process has been filled with very valuable conversations and creation of possible inquiry questions.  I look forward to our future discussions.

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