From Out There Somewhere (Sept 30, 2012)

Some items from Out There Somewhere:

1. Why Kids Need Schools to Change – by Tina Barseghian

This post discusses the book Teach Your Children by Madeline Levine, PhD, and her 5 criteria.

2. 7 Ways to Transform Your Classroom – by David Truss (@datruss; Pair-a-Dimes Blog)

David writes about 7 ways to transform your classroom and poses a question in each section.

3.  A Week Without Homework Challenge – by John T. Spencer (@johntspencer; Education Rethink Blog

An interesting challenge regarding homework – what do you think?  In a related blog post, Chris Kennedy, Superintendent of West Vancouver School District, talks about homework in his Some of My Parenting Wishes for This Year Post.  The article “The Truth About Homework” by Alfie Kohn that he references can be found here.

4.  Inside the Digital Lives of Teens – from Psychology Today

This article talks about a recent study and teens’ views on their digital lives.  You might be surprised by some of the results.

5.  The Kindness Boomerang “One Day” (via Chris Wejr, @chriswejr ; The Wejr Board )

6.  Did You Know/Shift Happens

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