From Out There Somewhere (Oct 24, 2012)

Some links from Out There Somewhere:

1.  Creating Mountains Students Can Climb – by Jeff Delp, molehills out of mountains

This post mentions 5 processes that can be used to connect with students and encourage their engagement and how giving students a sense of accomplishment can change their attitude towards school.

2.  52 Recommendations to help engage boys – by Ian Lillico “The School Reforms Required to Engage Boys in School”; Boys Forward Institute

From light and colour in the room to talking before writing to empowering boys, many different suggestions to engage boys in school.

3. 5 Fantastic Art Collections For Students to Explore Online – from Fractus Learning

Tate Britain, The Guggenheim, The Museum of Modern Art, The Hermitage, The Uffizi: each of these online gallery sites has a brief description of what is able to be explored.

4.  From Google:

The Google Cultural Institute – a timeline (1905-2008) of various events.

World Wonders Project – also from the cultural institute – explore different locations around the globe

5.  Why School? by Will Richardson

In this video from TEDx Talk in Melbourne, Will Richardson discusses his latest book Why School and provides his thoughts on why schools must change.

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