From Out There Somewhere – Nov 4

Here are some things I’ve been reading and watching in the last little while.

1.  I Forget – by Paul Bogush, Blogush

When a student is messy or not organized – how do we respond?  Why do we respond this way?  Paul describes his classroom and gives his answers to the these questions.

2.  We need to think very, very seriously about this – by Ben Grey, The Edge of Tomorrow

Dropping off a box of tablets in two remote Ethiopian villages, what the children do and the questions that need to be thought about due to the results.

3.  What does student blogging exactly do? – by Pernille Ripp, Blogging Through the Fourth Dimension (this was posted on Joe Bower’s Blog, For the Love of Learning)

Just a few reasons to blog with our students.

4.  For Students, Why the Question is More Important than the Answer – by Katrina Schwartz, Mind Shift, How We Learn

Some reasons why we should challenge our students to come up with their own questions and some suggestions for managing this process.  Is this similar to an Inquiry Based method of teaching?

5.  Some videos that Dan Curtis (@Mrdancurtis) shared with me – Thanks Dan!

An overview of the book Drive, The surprising truth about what really motivates us, by Daniel Pink

Jan Owen, TEDx Melbourne – Why Kids will Save the World

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