From Out There Somewhere – Nov 18

A few things that I’ve found in my readings lately.

1.  Preparing Students for the Real World – by Peter DeWitt, Education Week

“Adults have to understand that all of our students live in the real world. It’s just that their real world may be very different from the one we live in when we go home.”

2.  The Six Secrets of a Happy Classroom – Gerard Gilbert, The Independent

Do you use these ideas in your classroom?

3.  You Do Not Have My Full Attention – Cale Birk, The Learning Nation

How do you feel in meetings or presentations?  I wonder how my students feel in their class with me?

4.  The Imprint We Try to FillDCulberhouse Blog

What is the driver in your life?

5.  8 Thoughts for Graduating Warriors – Aaron Biebert, Thoughts from an 8 pm Warrior

Some thoughts for our grads – maybe we should share these with all of our students now.

6.  Stop Stealing Dreams (Video) – Seth Godin and Seth Godin’s Blog

Do we teach kids how to collect the dots or connect the dots?

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