One Door Over

This year I have been given the wonderful opportunity to be the Principal of Charles Bloom Secondary.  To say the least, it has been a time of exploration for us as a school community and professionally for myself.

Last school year we started the conversations of how are we going to do things differently at Charles Bloom.  The conversations were filled with nervousness and the unknown as we looked at some potential big changes at our school.  Due to our student numbers, we knew we had to change things; however, more importantly we knew it was what was the best for our students.  How do we engage our students in their learning?  How do we help them grow into responsible learners?  Can we connect student learning to our local community?  We’ve explored many different options and are currently in the process of working together to develop a new structure that supports our students the best.  Interest based electives, teacher advisory blocks, and student learning centres based on subject area are just a few ideas that we are discussing.

Personally, moving one door over to the Principal’s chair has been a move filled with excitement, pride, nervousness and doubt.  Each day I am proud of the fantastic learning that is taking place for our students and staff.  I am thankful for the staff and students who have been patient with me this year as I come more into my own as a leader for our school.  Trying to balance the sharing of my ideas with the pace of implementing change continues to be a learning curve for me.

It has been awhile since posting and when I did post it was more about sharing links than writing.  I always enjoy reading blogs from other educators in BC and I think the one that stuck with me most in the last while was one by Shawn Davids (@sdavids51) on his blog leadership with purpose , when he posted “To Blog or Not to Blog: Is That the Question?”  Time to be vulnerable…

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