Our Starting Assumption

I try my best to keep up with my professional reading but when it comes to finishing a book, I find it hard and I prefer my twitter and feedly accounts as my go to sources for professional reading.

Every once and awhile I will come across a single line in an article that immediately resonates with me and has a genuine impact.  This happened a few weeks ago when I was reading a blog post by Jose Vilson (@TheJLV) The American Promise To Our Young Students.  The line that stood out for me in that post was:

“In schools, the best way to support our children is to assume that they can, and it is our job to help them find out how they can.”

We have been focusing a great deal on differentiating instruction this year and have made some significant changes to how we support kids in our school.  Our staff is working hard and learning together on how to differentiate for their students.  For me, this quote is how we should start our work with our kids and is the mindset that we must have when we develop our differentiation strategies.   It is hard work but it is the good work that needs to happen.

Our learning continues…

One thought on “Our Starting Assumption

  1. Important distinction there. It *is* hard work, and often takes a little more rethinking than we actually get time for. Good luck, Bryan.

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