If you had the opportunity…

to design a program in your school, how would you do it?  Where would you start?  What would you focus on?

This is our opportunity at Charles Bloom Secondary (@bloomsecondary) this year.  It is only November but were are in the midst of beginning our planning for our 2016-17 school year.  Our school is a grade 7 – 12 secondary school and our enrollment numbers are having us look at new design of our grade 7 and grade 8 programs.  Forced by numbers or learning opportunities for kids – I am sure the debate will be full of emotion as we progress thru the year.Our opportunity – develop a Junior Program (grade 7/8).  It will be a multi-grade program and with the new BC curriculum upon us – should we even be using the term multi-grade program. 

Our current position – meet as a team to set out our timeline and plan some visits to other places – get an idea of what other folks are doing and then create something that is unique to Bloom.  I have been asked a few times in the past few weeks – what is the going to look like?  My answer – “I don’t know” but I am looking forward to finding out what it will be.

Here we go . . .

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