Ditch That Textbook #DitchBook

I recently finished Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller and it gave me many things to think about and reflect upon.

The first two sections of the book focused on the reasons to move to ditching our textbooks, both in a literal sense and a mindset towards how we teach sense.  I appreciated the thoughts in these sections and some of the sections will provide great conversation starters with staff at our school.

The third section provided some practical strategies on how to ditch your textbook, create a space of your content, create content and let your students create content.  The one key point that came out to me in this section was a move to Google Apps for Education (#GAFE) is a fantastic way to go;however, I need to also create a different space to share resources and links for my class or school.  I have just started exploring GAFE and I intend to use it next school year and had thought it may be more of a one stop shop; I need to rethink a few things on this point.

The final section of the book was devoted to helping you develop a #DitchBook mindset.  From creating a personal philosophy, mission statement to some theme planning.  I particularly liked the mission statement section, so much so I opened up Evernote and made a note about a possible opening week staff activity.  I also enjoyed the Identify Major Themes chapter.  With the changing BC curriculum, we have been trying to encourage staff at our school to think and plan in themes – I think this section provide a good and easy to understand strategy for developing theme based plans.

Many of the chapters have a QR code that links to further resources on the website.  Below is a list of the links that I found the most interesting.

10 Thoughts on How to Go Digital and Why We Should

4 Hospitality Principles that can Transform Our Classrooms

20 percent projects: 7 Ideas to Think About

11 Class Activities with Sensors You Didn’t Know Your Phone Had

Why “Holes In Wood” beat “Drills” in Education

20 Collaborative Google Apps Activities for Schools

20 Ideas for Solid Student Blogging

10 Ways Google’s Philosophy Can Guide Teachers

My goal is to implement two of the strategies or ideas from the book each term next year. . . . .


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