Conversation Pieces

Over the past few days it has been great to stumble into a variety of exciting conversations at Bloom.  A quick snapshot of the conversations:

#1 – two teachers discussing a 6 point rubric versus the 100 point scale.  The discussion about how to use the 6 point rubric and the impact on kids was great.  Even better, it was teachers from different curricular areas discussing how to use it in their classrooms

#2 – what is a student data notebook and my discussion of what this was and could look like in an English class or in a math class

#3 – two science teachers collaborating about exciting (usually meaning fire or loud noises) demonstrations and linking it to their course.  Even better, the teachers’ willingness to go into each other’s classrooms to demonstrate

#4 – how do we build reading interventions for our middle years students AND what data are we using to help us guide this decision.  Further, how do we build this into our weekly schedule

#5 – a teacher finishing Myron Dueck’s Grading Smarter, Not Harder book and discussing strategies

Great conversations for sure.  How do we amplify this to all staff?  Looking forward to what I stumble into next week . . .

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