Scrambled Thoughts


I came across this image in a blog post I saw and the image resonated with me – not so much the image on the left but the image on the right.  Leadership can be a scrambled mess and how do you change things in positive direction out of that mess.  Maybe mess isn’t the write word – but when I look at the pieces that are woven at a school – students, staff, parents, community, school district, curriculum, ministry of education . . . – it can feel scrambled at times.  Combine this with family, friends, personal wellness and balance and that stirs the scramble even more.

I’ve been trying to sort out a system that will help me for a few months – I try different ways to organize my time and thoughts and planning.  Somethings I have had success with an others have fallen by the wayside.  I keep trying – something will come to me that works.  Do I need to batch my work in a different way?  How do I structure my day to be most effective when I am at school?

I quite enjoyed Chris Wejr‘s latest post “How Taking Email Off My Phone Helped Me Win the Inbox Battle and Live More in the Moment” and have been wondering about this move as well.  I have turned off my email notifications at the beginning of this school year – but full removal of email from my phone . . . maybe I should consider this move.

More pondering to do, more importantly – what is my next action step I need to do?  Not a goal or resolution, but a system to help with the scramble.



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