What would your step count tell you?

At some point near the end of September I decided I wanted to track the number of steps I was doing each day – maybe it was some sort of challenge for me to get out of the office more after a busy September of paperwork. Since I have my phone with me most the of the day, I decided to use the health app and pedometer on my phone. The app was always on and recording steps during the entire day. Here are my stats:

My total number of steps taken from Sept 26 till Dec 22 (Monday to Friday only totals in this number) was 549 254. My average per day count was 8582.

Here is a graph of my step count



When looking at the chart without going back to look at my notes for each day – I do wonder to myself what was happening on days where I had many steps and days when I had a smaller number of steps. Is more steps better? Does that mean more contact with kids and staff in classrooms? Does fewer steps mean less contacts but deeper conversations?

Maybe this number data is not important but the purpose of collecting the data is: to make me more aware of the need to get out of my office to walk around our spaces and talk to kids and staff.

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