How would you describe the Mental Health of your work place?

If you were to describe or provide some sort of rating to the overall mental health of your work place what would you say? Is this something that is even able to be described or rated?

Each year my belief in the importance of mental health and wellness has grown stronger – not just for kids but the adults I work with as well.  I know I don’t have a clear answer for the above two questions; however, for me there are some questions I would want to consider when describing the mental health of the school that I work at. Those questions are:

  • Is there an awareness of the importance of mental health for kids and adults?
  • Are there strategies or structures or supports in place to support the mental wellness of kids and adults?
  • Is there an openness to mental health and wellness discussions in the school?
  • Is there an understanding of mental health and wellness and its impact on kid and adult success?
  • Is there a stigma attached to mental health and wellness at school?

I am sure there are many more questions to consider.

While there is always work to be done, I believe we are moving in the right direction to better support kids with their mental health and wellness. I guess a further question I have for myself is how do we move the conversation from kids to kids’ and adults’ mental health and wellness in schools?

What is my next small step to make this change happen?



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