Overlapping Years

Moving to finish this year and starting to plan for next year – that is what happens in the March to June window of a school year. It is an exciting time, one of questions and reflection, what ifs and number crunching. It is an opportunity for change.

This is my first March to June in my new school and I will need to continue to share my framework for how I work through this process. Lots of questions, idea generation, sharing information and what’s best for kids choices.

All four are important but the questions and what’s best for kids choices will be the ones that cause the most concern or even stress for individuals in the building. I need to sort out how to ease this concern and not have folks worry that questions automatically lead to course cancellations or massive change.

My big rocks for timetable builds:

  • create balance and flexibility
  • create unique learning opportunities for kids
  • create unique learning and teaching opportunities for staff
  • share the data
  • build, run, tweak, repeat

Iteration 1, here I come…

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