From Out There Somewhere

Some posts that I have read that I have found interesting or made me ponder in the last little bit.

How To Be More Persuasive Over Email – some good reminders in this one

20 Strategies To Get The Best Work From Your Students

8 Things Every Teacher Needs In Order to Grow

Identifying Common Mistakes On Assessments – always enjoy Bill’s writing and ideas

Addition By Subtraction – a minimalist idea – where do I begin?

5 Quick Ways to Start De-Cluttering Today – maybe I need to try these ideas to help with the above post

Be A Strength-Based Parent – how would you apply this in a school

The Little Handbook for Getting Stuff Done – some great suggestions in this one

What Are the Best Ways To Use Leveled Texts – lots to learn and think about in my new role as an elementary school principal


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