What Can I Contribute?

I have heard about the book called the Effective Executive by Peter Drucker before and was recently able to read through the book. There are some good things to consider from the book and introduction is an updated writing from Drucker called “What makes an Effective Executive?” From this short piece he writes that effective executives follow the same 8 practices:

The asked, “what needs to be done?”

The asked, “What is right for the enterprise?”

They developed action plans.

They took responsibility for decisions.

They took responsibility for communicating.

They were focused on opportunities rather than problems.

They ran productive meetings.

They thought and said “we” rather than “I”.

He expands on each of these points in this short piece to start the book.

However, the one question that Drucker asks (the title of Chapter 3) that had me thinking the most “What can I contribute?” The chapter starts with the following question:

The effective executive focuses on contribution. … He asks: “What can I contribute that will significantly affect the performance and the results of the institutions I serve?” His stress is on responsibility.

In a new school, in a new district, this questions resonates with me. What can I contribute to have our students successful and see growth? What can I contribute to have our staff team successful and see growth? What have I contributed so far in my first four months?

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