From Out There Somewhere

A few different articles I wanted to make note of from the past week:

In High School, The Kids Are Not Alright – 5 strategies to support students mental well-being – can be used at other grade levels

Using The Single-Point Rubric For Better Assessment Conversations – example of single point rubric included

Social Design For Modern Leaders – from the post “Social design is the design of relationships; the creation of new social conditions intended to increase agency, creativity, equity, social justice, resilience, and connection to nature.”

7 Boring Things Successful Leaders To That Failing Leaders Neglect

The following 3 articles I noted in a GETCA conference session I recently attended called “Motivation Leads To Innovation – The Audacity to Get Up” by Michael Bonner (@michaelbonner_) – lots of great info, frameworks to think about and energy in this one; these were just a couple of the articles:

  1. Why Teachers Must Fight Their Own Implicit Biases
  2. When Teachers Punish Black Kids More Severly Than White Kids
  3. How To Check Your Unconscious Biases

Digital Minimalism For Parents – some of my favourite books are from this author – check out Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success In a Distracted World and So Good They Can’t Ignore You: Why Skills Trump Passion In The Quest for Work You Love

3 Simple Rituals That Will Make You A Fantastic Parent – also good for educators to think about these – based on the work by Ross Greene who wrote The Explosive Child

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