From Out There Somewhere

some of the different blog posts that had me thinking and I wanted to keep note of.

Questions To Guide A Reflective Conversation On Learning – some good questions to use in discussions, nice sketch note summary of the 4 ways we learn

Spend More Time Planting Seeds and Less Time Measuring Vines – a good reminder to keep moving forward, you may not see the results of your efforts immediately but keep doing the good work

The 5 Mistakes You Are Likely Making In Your One-to-One Meetings with Direct Reports – some helpful tips in this one in terms of planning reminders, agenda building and questions to ask instead of “How Can I Help You?”

4 Simple Habits for Turning Down the Noise – good reminders about your why, solitude and pausing

How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You – developing your personal philosophy and getting feedback from a few, select people

On Delivering Feedback – the 3 Fs – fairness, focus, frequency

Using Progressional Skills On A Unit Overview Sheet – good reminder of essential outcomes and student self-assessment; I like the format of the unit overview sheet and there is a great example of a full unit overview sheet

Too Busy Not To Minimize – something I need to set time aside for, especially in the garage and closet – good tips on finding time

7 Hard Things You Should Start Doing For Others – where to start?

Listening In On Student Learning – using listening as formative assessment, liked the “Listen Fors” chart to help focus what to listen for

Planning A Station Rotation Lesson For Your Math Classroom – like the idea of this strategy; chart about the 3 types of stations gave some good examples of activities

How To Create Classroom Templates In Google Docs and Slides – some helpful step by step tips to do create templates

A Piece Of Advice I Wish I’d Included In My Book – always enjoy Cal Newport’s books and posts – the phone foyer method – something to try for sure

Self Care for Principals…It Should Be A Priority – a suggestion a day for the month of November

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