From Out There Somewhere

A few articles and videos I wanted to note.

Coaching For Instructional Equity – talks about feedback and the term conscious incompetence; there are some good links if you go to the website at the bottom of the article (go to resources page)

Building Deeper Understandings: The Vulnerability Cycle – some good writing on a cycle of understanding and improvement; the importance of vulnerability and risk

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know To Create An Engaging Culture – give them something to believe in: you (leader), team, organization and work with a purpose

How To Assess Candidates For The Predicted Skills Of The Future – more of a business/company focus but provides some good things to consider when looking to build your team

5 Essential Expectations Of A Good Manager That You Should Have Of Yourself – some good reminders on team, motivation and success

11 Tips For Communicating More Clearly – good list of reminders and self-checks

The Obvious Way To Improve Your Career (That Might Not Be So Obvious) – a strategy, a map and some pitfalls; how can this be used with students?

Experiments In Music and Life – when you learn something new, you have to try it; experiment within limitations

Saw this and thought about how could this be used to support numeracy skills, reading graphs, what do the moving bar graphs (horizontal and vertical) mean,…
Found on the site:

Video from

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