From Out There Somewhere

7 Leadership Lessons Over 2.5 Years – this had a couple of good reminders but also a couple of new perspectives/thoughts for me – I liked #4

Building A Thinking Classroom In Math – 14 things to consider from Peter Liljedahl. I have been to a few workshops with the author and came away with some great stuff – liked the reminder of this article. Have also watched a Socials Studies, Law Teacher use the strategies in his class.

How Can Students Self-Assess When Teachers Do All The Grading And Work – some strategies and things to consider from Catlin Tucker – always like the station-rotation model

Allies And Accomplices – the difference lies in taking a risk. A good read is also linked in this post – Don’t Be An Ally, Be An Accomplice

Asking Your Kids The Right Questions – a change from “what did you do at school today?” to “Who did you help today?”

You’re Spending Your Free Time Wrong – some questions to consider when determining what to do with your free time

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