From Out There Somewhere

Key Qualities of a Vibrant Culture Leader – talks about the importance of emotional intelligence and a few suggestions on how to improve as a leader

NFL Head Coaches Are Getting Younger. What Can Organizations Learn? – discusses what skills are needed for a leader to grow

4 Myths About The Future of Education – talks about the skills we should help kids develop and the idea of a mash-up innovation; the idea of redefining relevance. Lot of videos embedded in this post.

Small Thing Big Idea: Designs That Changed The World – a TED talk series, all videos are under 4 minutes and have some interesting topics

Essential Leadership Skills For The Roaring ’20s – the ideas of discernment, thought mastery and conflict capacity

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers – some good points to remember to support staff and the importance of the school leader being a role model. In searching up the work of Elena Aguilar’s work (mentioned the post) lead to this post: 12 Ways Teacher Can Build Their Own Resilience

We’re Meeting, Now What – some great thoughts, strategies and templates for collaborative team work – lots of links to the templates to copy to your google drive

20 Tiny Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Make Life Simpler in 2020 – things to try at home, linked to a more minimalist lifestyle and slowing things down; being more purposeful


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