From Out There Somewhere

6 Traits That Set Top Business Leaders Apart – clarity, embrace, unite, focus are just a few of one-word descriptors

Project Zero’s “Thinking Routines Tool” Is An Excellent Resource – lots of interesting routines that could be used with students or staff – the routines website lets you search by routines or how the routines are linked to subject areas

14 Easy Tips For Creating A More Inclusive Workplace – some may not work for a school/education setting but good things to consider in this list

Relationships Are Important. How Do We Build Them Effectively With Kids? – it takes a big, but essential, piece of time but understanding their Four S’s (sparks, strengths, struggles, supports)

Tipping Point and Why Small Things Matter – a brief summary of Malcolm Gladwell’s book Tipping Point and how that relates to school and school culture

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