From Out There Somewhere

The Empathetic Learning Environment: Sit Where They Sit – this could be determining the user experience for your kids

The 5 Roles Of A Successful Leader – a good list to review and think about how to improve in these areas

11 Phrases To Effectively Respond To Complaining – a good list of statement starters to help understand someone’s concerns and then start to take the next steps

I Am A Loser Because Of School – a great perspective piece written by a student; lots of links to other writings like gradeless in math and failure week

Where Talent Thrives Or Drives: How To Build Effective Teams – talent dies where jerk-holes thrive

Designing A Kinesthetic Station: Get Kids Moving In Math Class – some good examples of different ways to engage students in math

School Leaders At Every Level: 5 Ways To Create A Culture Of Leadership – important things to remember as a school leader

The Inner Game: Why Trying To Hard Can Be Counterproductive – how we learn and self 1 vs self 2

Always wonder how to incorporate these in to a math class – speed of changing lines vertically and horizontally – have students explain this
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