From Out There Somewhere

Building A Healthy Workplace Goes Beyond “Wellness” – focus on building trust – “Low-trust cultures are absolutely exhausting, painful, draining, and debilitating; by contrast, high-trust cultures are positively energizing, exciting, engaging, and creative.”

A Two Question Ritual To Change Your Day – 1. What one thing would you like to do less today? 2. What one thing would you like to do more today? Each question followed by some good suggestions

Quick Strategies To Energize One-To-Ones – some good strategies and a few questions to possibly use

Drive Deeper Thinking in Math: Designing An Error Analysis Station – “I create seven or eight problems and each problem contains an error or multiple errors. The students are responsible for identifying and describing the errors, then they make the necessary corrections.” I like this idea for a station but I find this point most intriguing and something to consider when looking to spiral topics “In fact, a learning support coach suggested bringing back topics from other units, or even previous courses. So, as I progress through the course, I spiral back to problems from previous units to keep those mathematical concepts fresh for the students.

Making Cooperative Learning Work Better – 4 problems identified and various suggestions to help with tackle each problem

The Illusory Truth Effect: Why We Believe Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and PropagandaWhen a “fact” tastes good and is repeated enough, we tend to believe it, no matter how false it may be. Understanding the illusory truth effect can keep us from being bamboozled.

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