From Out There Somewhere

5 Simple Habits To Build Connection With Your Students – these habits and focus on paying attention are important to building connection

The 8 Best Questions To Ask In An One-To-One Meeting – add these to the list of possibles questions to use with staff – good phrasing

The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated – some good points to think about and habits to form as well as potential mistakes / things to avoid

Interdisciplinary Project Planning Framework – good steps and checklists when planning with a team of teachers. List still could be used for a teacher doing an interdisciplinary project by themselves

How To Create A Project-Based Learning Lesson – good steps to follow – liked the benchmark/deliverables section

Watch Out for Unintended Microaggressions – always need to be thinking about this and trying to do better. Lots of links to articles, books and resources

I Don’t Care If You’re Racist. I Care If You’re Hurting Me – “Racism is about the impact and the hurt of their actions. Intentions do not matter. And that’s a hard one for people, because they cling to being good as a way of saying “I am not racist.” And my thing is, I don’t care if you’re racist. I care if you’re hurting me.”

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