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Key Qualities of a Vibrant Culture Leader – talks about the importance of emotional intelligence and a few suggestions on how to improve as a leader

NFL Head Coaches Are Getting Younger. What Can Organizations Learn? – discusses what skills are needed for a leader to grow

4 Myths About The Future of Education – talks about the skills we should help kids develop and the idea of a mash-up innovation; the idea of redefining relevance. Lot of videos embedded in this post.

Small Thing Big Idea: Designs That Changed The World – a TED talk series, all videos are under 4 minutes and have some interesting topics

Essential Leadership Skills For The Roaring ’20s – the ideas of discernment, thought mastery and conflict capacity

Safeguarding the Mental Health of Teachers – some good points to remember to support staff and the importance of the school leader being a role model. In searching up the work of Elena Aguilar’s work (mentioned the post) lead to this post: 12 Ways Teacher Can Build Their Own Resilience

We’re Meeting, Now What – some great thoughts, strategies and templates for collaborative team work – lots of links to the templates to copy to your google drive

20 Tiny Changes You Can Make In Your Home To Make Life Simpler in 2020 – things to try at home, linked to a more minimalist lifestyle and slowing things down; being more purposeful


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Building A Positive Staff Culture – always enjoy reading Chris’ work – a principal for the Langley School District. The article talks about four pillars and four values of a positive staff culture

Subtract – looking at what to remove instead of add

The One-To-One Meeting Template For Your End Of Year Review – some good questions to consider when planning for my one-to-ones

Creating With Google Earth: 10 Activities To Try – a list of activities to try with kids

Mindfulness Practices: Made For Middle School – good reminders for classroom practices

The Analog January Challenge – 5 commitments to make during the month of January – read, move, connect, make, join

How To Develop Better Habits in 2020 – some good tips and need to think in terms of habits instead of goals

It’s 2020 And You’re In The Future – some interesting year span comparisons in this one.

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7 Leadership Lessons Over 2.5 Years – this had a couple of good reminders but also a couple of new perspectives/thoughts for me – I liked #4

Building A Thinking Classroom In Math – 14 things to consider from Peter Liljedahl. I have been to a few workshops with the author and came away with some great stuff – liked the reminder of this article. Have also watched a Socials Studies, Law Teacher use the strategies in his class.

How Can Students Self-Assess When Teachers Do All The Grading And Work – some strategies and things to consider from Catlin Tucker – always like the station-rotation model

Allies And Accomplices – the difference lies in taking a risk. A good read is also linked in this post – Don’t Be An Ally, Be An Accomplice

Asking Your Kids The Right Questions – a change from “what did you do at school today?” to “Who did you help today?”

You’re Spending Your Free Time Wrong – some questions to consider when determining what to do with your free time

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A few articles and videos I wanted to note.

Coaching For Instructional Equity – talks about feedback and the term conscious incompetence; there are some good links if you go to the website at the bottom of the article (go to resources page)

Building Deeper Understandings: The Vulnerability Cycle – some good writing on a cycle of understanding and improvement; the importance of vulnerability and risk

The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know To Create An Engaging Culture – give them something to believe in: you (leader), team, organization and work with a purpose

How To Assess Candidates For The Predicted Skills Of The Future – more of a business/company focus but provides some good things to consider when looking to build your team

5 Essential Expectations Of A Good Manager That You Should Have Of Yourself – some good reminders on team, motivation and success

11 Tips For Communicating More Clearly – good list of reminders and self-checks

The Obvious Way To Improve Your Career (That Might Not Be So Obvious) – a strategy, a map and some pitfalls; how can this be used with students?

Experiments In Music and Life – when you learn something new, you have to try it; experiment within limitations

Saw this and thought about how could this be used to support numeracy skills, reading graphs, what do the moving bar graphs (horizontal and vertical) mean,…
Found on the site:

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A few different articles and videos that I wanted to note.

A 17 Item Checklist Geared to Neutralize Early Life Stress – article talks about ACEs but also PCEs (positive childhood experiences) and BCEs (benevolent childhood experiences) as two types of things that can counter ACEs.

Leaders Don’t Hide Behind Data – written by Seth Godin – talks about the difference between management and leadership

What Are The Habits Of The Mind? – contains a list and description of 16 characteristics of effective problem solvers

Teaching Kids To Look For The Positive Around Them – the use of CLASSY journals for kids and six different categories of character

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some of the different blog posts that had me thinking and I wanted to keep note of.

Questions To Guide A Reflective Conversation On Learning – some good questions to use in discussions, nice sketch note summary of the 4 ways we learn

Spend More Time Planting Seeds and Less Time Measuring Vines – a good reminder to keep moving forward, you may not see the results of your efforts immediately but keep doing the good work

The 5 Mistakes You Are Likely Making In Your One-to-One Meetings with Direct Reports – some helpful tips in this one in terms of planning reminders, agenda building and questions to ask instead of “How Can I Help You?”

4 Simple Habits for Turning Down the Noise – good reminders about your why, solitude and pausing

How To Stop Worrying About What Other People Think Of You – developing your personal philosophy and getting feedback from a few, select people

On Delivering Feedback – the 3 Fs – fairness, focus, frequency

Using Progressional Skills On A Unit Overview Sheet – good reminder of essential outcomes and student self-assessment; I like the format of the unit overview sheet and there is a great example of a full unit overview sheet

Too Busy Not To Minimize – something I need to set time aside for, especially in the garage and closet – good tips on finding time

7 Hard Things You Should Start Doing For Others – where to start?

Listening In On Student Learning – using listening as formative assessment, liked the “Listen Fors” chart to help focus what to listen for

Planning A Station Rotation Lesson For Your Math Classroom – like the idea of this strategy; chart about the 3 types of stations gave some good examples of activities

How To Create Classroom Templates In Google Docs and Slides – some helpful step by step tips to do create templates

A Piece Of Advice I Wish I’d Included In My Book – always enjoy Cal Newport’s books and posts – the phone foyer method – something to try for sure

Self Care for Principals…It Should Be A Priority – a suggestion a day for the month of November

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The Best Places To Get The “Same Text Written For Different Levels”

20 Ideas for Incorporating Writing In “Other” Subject Areas

28 Ways To Find The Stillness You Need To Thrive

Optimizing Station Rotations in Blended Learning

Five Ways Teachers Can Limit the Fear of Creative Failure

Resilience Is About How You Recharge, Not About How You Endure

Mindfulness At Work: A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

3 Ways To Shrink A Big Head

9 Things We About Happiness and Money We are Often Taught Too Late

7 Ways to Slow Down
from: The Seven Steps To Bulletproof Problem Solving ( )