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Math Anxiety Is Real. Here’s How To Help Your Child Avoid It – 4 good things to think about

Who Is Good At Discovery? – Apple, Netflix, …

Build Your Stacks: Books Exploring Divorce and the Many Ways To Be A Family – if you looking to expand your book selection for middle years school aged kids

A Primer On Algorithms and Bias

What Did I Learn From Anthony McLean? – a summary of a few key points from keynote address to start the year in the West Vancouver school district

5 Ways To Help Your Kids Find Calm – “Have an idea of what you want to do, but be prepared to throw it all out the window at the drop of a hat. One of the best tools you have is observation..”

Universal Design For Learning And Blended Learning: Representation – suggestions on options students get information; instructions/templates on choice boards, adding sound to slides, ..

Hexagonal Thinking: A Colourful Tool For Discussion – like how this could be used with students and a new way for me to think about organizing ideas/concepts; how could this be used with staff?

When Technology Takes Revenge – 4 types of revenge effects

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Fighting Screen Fatigue – Steve’s Hand-Drawn Weekly Worksheet – a nice weekly over planning sheet broken down into AM/PM/Evening

Staying Connected To Meaning In Your Work – what is your why and how do you remind yourself

15 Mental Health Tips for Teachers – good stuff for us all to remember

10 Decluttering Skills Every Parent Needs – some questions and thoughts on mindset when it comes to supporting kids and their stuff

Being With Uncertainty – notice, remind, choose

Staying Focused With A Simple Method – list, order, execute, repeat …

Using Blended Learning Models To Teach Students In-Person and Online Simultaneously – some strategies to think about – could be used for just in-person learning

How To Use Jamboard In The Classroom: 20+ Tips and Ideas

Take Control Of Your Time – time blocking and a reason against the use of lists

10 Ways To Find Stillness In Turbulent Times – some good ones on this list

Aim For What’s Reasonable: Leadership Lessons From Director Jean Renoir – these are good points to remember and reflect upon

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68 Bits Of Unsolicited Advice – lots of different thoughts on this list

4 Ways To Craft Choice Menus In Distance Learning Classes – some good examples of types of menus; continuum of more teacher directed to student directed

How Leaders Can Prepare For The New Normal – who are your “opportunity scouts’?

Mental Well Being For Leaders and Managers – a good list of reminders

Harnessing Interest In Middle School Students: Learning At Home – KVR Middle in Penticton BC put this together – like the weekly challenges

7 Classic Children’s Books That Teach Kids Mindfulness – will have to find these

The American Time Use Survey is “Poetry, In Data” – stories from graphs; “which graph is most poetic and why?” – great student question

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The Importance and Impacts of Greetings In Virtual Hallways – some good things to think about and I like the meme check in

Empowering Students In Distance Learning Environments – consider equity, be patient and good suggestions at the end

Beyond Zoom: 3 Tips for Managing Employees Online During COVID-19 – empathy, clarity, reduce anxiety

Giving Meaningful Feedback To Kids Who Get Everything Right – “Feedback is the beginning of a reflective conversation.”

4 Ingredients For Human Well-Being – move, nourish, connect, be

20 Questions To Ask Instead of “How Are You Doing Right Now?” – building connections is important – 11 to help build connection and 9 to take the conversation a deeper

Like the message in this video, how will we make connections in our new reality.

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The Ultimate Guide To Choice Boards and Learning Menus – some good things to consider if you want to choose choice boards. Nice examples of tic-tac-toe boards and a couple of other formats

Lessons from the NFL: Virtual Hiring, Leadership, Building Teams and COVID-19 – always enjoy the stats comparisons of these types of articles. The 4 take aways at the end were good – how would that link to education and schools?

Six Ways To Teach Poetry – love all the strategies and examples (from elementary to secondary) mentioned.

9 Actionable Ways To Lead With Transparency In Uncertain Times – good strategies here – article linked to uncertainty with COVID-19 but also good points when dealing with other change situations (ie budget)

Each Map Is Worth A Thousand Pictures – cool maps on a variety of topics that provide visual comparison

Why We Focus On Trivial Things: The Bikeshed Effect – interesting read and reflecting on how it relates to leading a school and what we talk about. Never heard of the term “bikeshed effect” before

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How To Best Support Remote Employees – some good things to think about and examples of reframed check-in questions

10 Guidelines For Creating Opportunities In A Time of Crisis – some reflective and action items to think about. While based more on business, how would these guidelines translate to education.

7 Tips For Parents Supporting Remote Learning – a good infographic

On Predicting The Future – “We do it all the time, …, we’re terrible at it.”

Tips For Teaching “Live Lessons” During the Coronavirus – some good pointers from the author (who had 92 students! in a live lesson)

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Don’t Let Remote Leadership Bring Out The Worst In You – some good points to consider on how to support your team and a format for weekly or bi-weekly one-to-one check ins

Early Season Fly Strategies – a quick article by Phil Rowley – didn’t realize the boatmen option right after ice off

Stillwater Fly Fishing Ice Out Tactics – good pointers from Brian Chan

Four Core Priorities For Trauma-Informed Distance Learning – “trauma is a lens not a label”

40 Free and Fun Things To Do At Home – an interesting list of a mix of things to do at home during the pandemic

Health And Wellness Choice Boards For Teachers and Students – like the idea of choice boards – the teacher one is about teacher wellness

Novel Hyperdocs: 25 Ready To Use Templates With Your Class – I like the idea of a hyperdoc (google doc or google slide with embedded links and activities). Novel hyperdocs shared are below

11 Practical Tips For Work/Life Balance When Teaching From Home – some good things to consider in our emergency remote teaching situation

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The Dairy Farmer’s Path To Success – reminds me of my grandpa and my cousin as they worked on their dairy farms – 5 things to think about when planning and being preventative

12 Ways To Connect With Kids and Prioritize Relationships While Teaching Remotely – some good ideas here, some for staff support and relationships and some for kid support

Sidewalk Chalk Meets Math Game, Part 2: Testing the Limits – another math game that can be played outside or on paper

10 Picture Books to Change Your Reading Life – a good list of books

This Is Not Online Or Distance Learning – some interesting things to think about and a new name for our currently learning and teaching reality “emergency remote teaching”

10 Free Classroom Activities For Your Distance Learning Classroom – some great stuff, and videos from John Spencer

Simple Dice Games For Math Practice – a couple of games for families to do at home

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Choice Boards 101: Strategies to Ensure Classroom, Professional and Virtual Learning Success – a nice way to give students choice in their learning and can be setup for blended learning

Just Shifting Online or Shifting the Learning – 4 questions at the end of the post are worth thinking about

What Effective Principals Do – 7 things to keep in mind as we work to support our school communities

3 Ways To Use Video Conferencing With Students Learning Remotely – design the time with intention and I like the design template in small group instruction section

How To Use Google Meet for elearning, online learning – some good tips here and I like the step by step to set up and manage a google meet

10 Tips To Support Students With Slow Internet – some good tips around video conferencing

Sidewalk Chalk Meets Math Game – this is a game that can have many variations

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5 Simple Habits To Build Connection With Your Students – these habits and focus on paying attention are important to building connection

The 8 Best Questions To Ask In An One-To-One Meeting – add these to the list of possibles questions to use with staff – good phrasing

The Little Things That Make Employees Feel Appreciated – some good points to think about and habits to form as well as potential mistakes / things to avoid

Interdisciplinary Project Planning Framework – good steps and checklists when planning with a team of teachers. List still could be used for a teacher doing an interdisciplinary project by themselves

How To Create A Project-Based Learning Lesson – good steps to follow – liked the benchmark/deliverables section

Watch Out for Unintended Microaggressions – always need to be thinking about this and trying to do better. Lots of links to articles, books and resources

I Don’t Care If You’re Racist. I Care If You’re Hurting Me – “Racism is about the impact and the hurt of their actions. Intentions do not matter. And that’s a hard one for people, because they cling to being good as a way of saying “I am not racist.” And my thing is, I don’t care if you’re racist. I care if you’re hurting me.”