Fishing Log

2019-10-20Kidd LakeFished passed the aerators along the shore line. Flies tried were green shrimp and leech patterns. All on anchor and casting at various spots. No hits.
2019-10-18Jimmy LakeAnchored in a few spots across from the boat launch. Fish landed on leech pattern fished on floating line with an indicator. Also had hits on green shrimp and boatman.
2019-10-13Salter’s LakeRain and cloud most of the day. Black spratley and leech patterns had a few hits and one landed fish. Green spratley was the fly of the day. East side of lake, just before, at and past beaver dam where the most action was. 10 fish landed during the day.
2019-10-06Spring Lake (cottage Lake)Float tube access and walked to lake at North East end. Deeper spot in north east landed 2 rainbows on a black spratley when started the day. Went south of the island and landed another fish on a black spratley. On the kick back to north east corner landed 2 more on black spratley. Ended day in the north east corner and landed one on back swimmer. Also tried black leech/gold bead head; green leech, half back, idadho nymph and brown nymph with no hits on any
2019-09-22Chain Lakes (lower)While trolling to anchor positions landed 4 fish – one near south end on the way acroos the lake – 3 off the island across from boat launch in 12 feet of water – caught on black spratley. Anchored by island and had hits gold bead head leech and green scud. Anchored in north bay area out from the beaver dam – about 12 feet of water. Landed 2 tigers on black spratley and one on rolled muddler (silver) while moving locations. 7 fish total – 4 tigers (16 in to 22 in), 3 rainbow (14 in and less)
2019-09-15Dolberg LakeSouth end of lake only – troll gold bead head leech – landed one. anchored by south end beaver dam area – landed on back swimmer (black), lost on yellow boatman/backswimmer. by other dock – anchored – landed on black back swimmer – tried shrimp as well. Back swimmers were hitting on west side beaver dam (told my other person there) – beige back swimmer. landed total of 3 rainbow and lost 4 more.
2019-09-01Dolberg Lakesouth end of lake most success. anchored by south end beaver dam – tried green shrimp, back swimmer, black leech, black chronomid – only 2 hits combined. most hits while trolling gold bead head leech. lost 4 landed 3. biggest was 18 in brown trout. lost bigger rainbow, snapped line. 
2019-08-19Salter’s Lakefishing slow all day. trolled black spratley, red spratley, gold bead head leech, maroon balanced leeched – no hits. end of hatch , east side just up from beaver dam and used red chronomid, silver wrap, white bead and cotton at top – lots of indicator action and landed only fish (16 in) of the day. anchored in north east corner – used same chronomid and green shrimp – no hits. used a back swimmer and had a couple of indicator action.
2019-08-11Dolberg Lakesouth end of lake had most action – almost all fish caught on the gold bead head leech. anchored and cast in weedline on west side of lake – no hits, tried red wire chronomid, shrimp, back swimmer – 2 large fish caught – 16 in plus and one smaller one – all caught by south end. lost 8-10 fish.
2019-06-23Salter’s Lakebest action was on the east side (looking from the dock) after the beaver dam and around to the north end of the lake. probably 10 m (maybe 15 m) from the weeds. only used two flies – black spratley that had the most action and a silver rolled mudler. muddler also had a couple of hits and caught one fish on mudler while anchored and casting in the north east corner. 3 fish in the boat, lost 5 and had 7-8 solid bites.
2019-06-15Dolberg Lakesouth end of lake up to beaver dam was a hot spot. North of the second beaver dam along the weed line (until it narrows) also good. Largest trout (15 in) and two tigers landed in this section. Tried black spratley (some hits, one landed), gold bead head black leech – lots of action 6 landed on these – tiger trought landed on this pattern. later in afternoon used – red shrimp – good action – especially along weed line north of beaver dam. Also tried maroon balanced leech – one hit, idaho – no hits, rolled muddler (silver) no hits. Lost about 10 fish as well.
2019-06-12Star LakeLots of hits – small fish, less than 12″. Black Doc Spratley and olive wooly bugger. Biggest hit was on olive wooly bugger. Areas: line across the south west bay (dock to tree), along south shore along the weeds. need to stay well off shore as it shallow 
2019-05-18Black NuggetNo hits, no fish – flies tried: black spratley, black leach, grizzly king, silver body muddler, shrimp, chronies: black – red wrap; black white tuft – trolled many spots, lots of weeds. South east corner – best for anchor and cast.
2019-01-06Muir LakeBlack doc spratley, troll along south end, farthest from the boat launch
2017-09-08Spanish Lakeblack spratley one hit; green dragonflynymph: hits and landed; black “mini”leach – hits and landed. mayfly: hit and landed; dragnon fly nymph with orange bead eyes – landed the most and had strong hits. Areas caught: bay by the boat launch had many hits along that side; north-west bay – did have strikes and landed fish on many parts of the lake
2017-07-25Bolean LakeBlack Spratley – no change – most hits north of island and along east side of lake; end of lake also good. black nymph, dragonfly nymph and green carey. had some luck on all types
2017-07-24Doreen LakeBlack spratley – hits on east and north side of lily pads and along west side of lake. black and silver flatflish- caught east side of lily pads
2017-07-12Lost Lakeblack chronomid hit and lost
2017-06-10White LakeChronomid – no hits; trolling half-back 3 hits
2017-05-17Echo LakeTroll and cast around campsite – some hits; end of lake by creek entry – chrominids – red/back – 8 or 10 landed
2017-04-14Joyce Lakenorth end – tried TDC chronomid and olive green “ice cream cone” – no hits. Tried green shrimp, no hits; hit and landed on halfback – west side of lake by the tree over the water Others said green chronomid with bead head
2016-10-14Gladstone lakelate start fishing – on the water by 5 PM, lots of weeds on the north shore, most action around the weeds/reeds on the south shore and the point of the reed bed. All fish caught (4 very small ones) on green shrimp
2016-08-18Spanish Lake6 AM fish. deep lake not very far from shore. most hits and 2 landed on a green werner shrimp. Location was across from the launch and across the lake at the other end – between the trees in the water just past the shallows. landed 2 on a brown spratley looking fly with gold band. I also tried a half-back and didn’t have any hits.
2016-08-04Doreen Lakehalfback (4 hits, 1 landed); green shrimp (1 hit); green dragonfly nymph (no hits) – all hits around the lilypads directly out from the rec site; lots of weeds; couldn’t tell depth of water; fish jumping on all sides of the lilypads.
2016-07-19Lost Lakeblack doc spratley (no hits); black micro leech (no hits); half back – all bites and landed 1 (18 inches); from boat put in stay on road side and go up to the far bay on the left. hits on line were by the entry point of the and making a path from that point continuing straight up to along to the north shore of the lake. lots of weeds near the edges
2016-07-15King Edward Lakeblack doc spratley had all the action. bay by the first island closet to the rec site. between the island the shore (shore side) was most productive
2016-05-21Echo Lakeegg sucking leech – end of campsite and along the side of lake by the road was most productive
2016-04-22Shuswap lake – sorrento, blind bay, copper island, shore up to eagle baygray ghost shuswap minnow. sink line, all way out into backing. caught between sorrento and blind bay marina. other bites between blind bay and eagle bay along the road
2016-04-02Joyce LakeWet: green shrimp; hits at north and south side across highway Dry: black chronomid, white fluff top; hits and landed, north side of lake (middle of end)