From Out There Somewhere

Building A Positive Staff Culture – always enjoy reading Chris’ work – a principal for the Langley School District. The article talks about four pillars and four values of a positive staff culture

Subtract – looking at what to remove instead of add

The One-To-One Meeting Template For Your End Of Year Review – some good questions to consider when planning for my one-to-ones

Creating With Google Earth: 10 Activities To Try – a list of activities to try with kids

Mindfulness Practices: Made For Middle School – good reminders for classroom practices

The Analog January Challenge – 5 commitments to make during the month of January – read, move, connect, make, join

How To Develop Better Habits in 2020 – some good tips and need to think in terms of habits instead of goals

It’s 2020 And You’re In The Future – some interesting year span comparisons in this one.

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